PowerTags' technology makes real-time location truly wearable and practical for a variety of applications, from nursing homes and patient tracking in hospitals, to asset tracking and to security and limited access facilities.


Key advantages and benefits of the PowerTags solution include:

  • Compact size

  • Long battery life 2 to 7 years (pending on usage)

  • Penetrates walls and metal with up to 100 meters in open spaces

  • Ease of installation



  • Emergency assistance location based requests

  • Emergency evacuation/Disaster response with detailed location information

  • Statistics and reports based on headcount , last-know Location applications and historical data

  • Hazardous areas occupants tracking

  • Safety in hazardous work areas (blasting, excavation, etc. )

  • Emergency alert button imbedded in personal tag.

  • Quick response during disaster situations




  • Active RFID identification tags allow security departments to better manage

  • employee and visitor access

  • Control and monitor visitors locations in your facility and in restricted areas

  • Control access to restricted zones

  • Automatically trigger alarms to security personal

  • Locate equipment at real-time

  • Trigger alarms when equipment is moved or located in a prohibited area

  • Trigger alarms to security personal when unauthorized access detected



Facility Resources Optimization/Asset Tracking

  • Real time location-based equipment management

  • Protect equipment from theft

  • Reduce equipment search time

  • Monitor equipment distribution



Staff and visitors access control system

  • High resolution Individual-Centric Access Control based on occupant location

  • Integration to employee attendance systems 

  • No need to install employee attendance readers



Location tracking Logic supervision  

  • Staff badge and infrastructure supervision includes automatic system alert notifications

  • Audit trails and system logs

  • Improve general asset maintenance and availability

  • Make sure Assets are not removed from designated area

  • Location Based Logic, providing various alerts based on the location of the individual at defined time