Asset Managment and Security

PowerTags solution handles and manages assets, loss prevention, utilization and optimization of usage and detailed data for ongoing usage and inventory for improving facilities management. The solution provides combining technologies such as Passive and Active RFID, temperature and humidity sensors with real time continues location tracking  and advanced analytics to value add and improve ROI and address specific customer's needs.

Assets Tracking and Monitoring

Organizations and large retail chains, are facing a significant challenge to track the location, quantity, condition and maintenance of their fixed assets. The traditional way of barcode labeling of valuable assets is not answering the basic requirements of tracking and monitoring in real-time.
PowerTags helps large organization and retail-chains to reduce costs and gain efficiency, by providing a solution that combines our proprietary affordable long range Real Time Location tracking and optional Passive UHF RFID, temperature sensors and more.

Customer benefits:

  • Saves Time – fixed assets presence and location is always visible

  • Stop Loss Tracking and managing valuable equipment through operational cycles, maintenance.

  • Real Time monitoring of temperature and temperature logging in Offline mode

  • Improve efficiency – some equipment is lost, stolen or unused in forgotten whereabouts.

  • Reduction in employee theft, by sending a voice call or SMS to the vocal point to alert when item is removed out of a specific area.

  • Reduction in operational resources overhead through improvement of visibility and automation of the assets management 

Security and Monitoring

Securing assets and premise security against vandalism, theft and monitoring their whereabouts always by providing instant location and geo-fencing capabilities to provide automatic monitoring of unauthorized access to prohibit areas.

Furthermore, the software provides a smart alarms configurable rules based analytics that automatically identifies assets/people in unauthorized areas, or the departures of them from the authorized area, tiny movements of stationary equipment, number of items in predefined areas and configuration permitted hours for people/items by areas. each of these can be configured to performs actions such as audible alarm/send SMS/Email/Audio call