Nursing Home/ Wandering Management

Because of the worldwide population increase of elderly in nursing homes, there is a constant need for complementary solutions for the medical care, to create a safe and calm environment for both the elderly and for the staff.

PowerTags develop a unique and affordable nursing-homes solution, which allows monitoring and tracking location of the elderly, Dementia and Alzheimer, which gives peace of mind and security of both the family and the medical staff.

The growth of the wandering elderly that left their residence without anyone noticing for many hours, requires a reliable, but yet simple tracking system which will alert and notify whenever leaving the designated area or door exit.

By connecting external devices, such as key pad or automatic gate control (door locking), an additional security can be achieved.


PowerTags Active RFID for Hospitals and Healthcare assistance

Hospitals and Medical centers emergency room and trauma units treat an overwhelming number of incoming emergency patients daily.

During mass casualty event, the ER and trauma units work together to manage the overwhelming intake of injured patients. Once omitted, patients are sent to the appropriate diagnostic unit and clinics located throughout the hospital.

The challenge:

To locate each patient in Real Time, rapidly and efficiently. Patient tracking is especially important during mass casualty events.

The Solution:

Using PowerTags Real Time Location System(RTLS) and IOT technology, the medical center can provide a solution for patient, staff and assets tracking to increased patient throughput and productivity in various departments in healthcare facilities is to effectively streamline the flow of patients through the continuum of care. 




Patient & Staff  Tracking  

RTLS plays a crucial role during mass casualty events, when the intake of numerous injured is rapid and chaotic. The system will allow the medical team to better allocate human and medical resources.

The system alert for unexpected patient load and bottlenecks in different areas. 

Customer benefits:

  • Manage patient flow to various departments, improve bottlenecks

  • Improve medical service

  • Prevent medial errors

  • Increase patient confidence

  • Prevent healthcare delays

  • Historical events and patient behavior


Medical Equipment Real-Time Tracking

One of the key component of managing hospitals and emergency rooms, is managing an efficient Fixed and Mobile Medical Assets.

Medical Staff are in daily pressure, they don't have the time to spare searching for medical equipment.

PowerTags RTLS make the work flow efficient -  equipment is always visible and easy to find


Customer benefits:

  • Save money of lost medical essential equipment

  • Accurate Map location of all Medical Equipment in all hospital sectors

  • Improve assets utilization and avoid duplication - reduces CAPEX

  • Save time and improve service and overall patient satisfaction

Staff Emergency –  Code White

Violence against hospital staff is always increasing, most incidence occurred in emergency departments and mental health units such Geriatric and Psychiatric.

Powertags RTLS system can help doctors and nurse, by providing individual push-button RFID Bracelet or Pendant. In the event of staff violence, the system will alert to central security members, will trigger flash and siren on specific room where violence accurse.

System also can be connected to 911 emergency services.


Customer benefits:

  • Save money of lost medical essential equipment

  • Personal Bracelet or Pendant with unique staff ID

  • Flashlight and audible alarm on each room

  • Integrated with an external security system, such CCTV, door lock

  • Cost effective solution, with minimal installation infrastructure