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Why PowerTags ?

End-to-end platform

We are a complete IoT solutions provider. Our platform spans from Bluetooth beacons, Narrow band sensor and RTLS to Edge connectivity gateways and PaaS infrastructure that enable remote Real Time monitoring and management

Robustness and Scalability 

PowerTags offers scalable Turn-Key IoT platforms including hardware and software, manage, control & monitor networks of  assets/things/sensors.

Providing Real Time Location & Monitoring, controlling of things/sensor, analitics, reports, autonomous decision making rule engine 


We are a complete IoT solutions provider. Our platform spans from sensor beacons to Edge Narrow Band connectivity gateways, Range extenders for indoor and outdoor to PaaS infrastructure that enable remote Monitoring, workflow, autonomios rule engine reacting to events and a user friendly dashboard.

Automating Actions

We are a complete IoT solutions provider. Our platform spans from sensor beacons to connectivity gateways to SaaS infrastructure that enable remote fleet, workflow and event management




Our Products

PowerTags Control SW

The Software infrastructure deployed On-Prem or Clouds, provides Real-Time Location and Sensor management, user policies that analise the data, automate decision making triggers and more.. 

Custom Made

NarrowBand Wirless Sensors

For long range Indoor or outdoor (few KM) our battery powered wireless nodes provides the means for any custom made low power sensors integration. Providing efficiency and diversity,

RTLS Gateways

For Indoor tracking and Sensors  Connectivity, our RTLS repeaters and Gateways are provided with our Plug & Play design RJ45 or Wireless

NarrowBand Gateways

For long range Indoor or outdoor (few KM), our narrow band wireless network provides remote  wireless Connectivity, efficiency and diversity, RJ45/WiFi/3G 

Programmable Embedded Linux

RTLS Tags 

The PowerTags RTLS includes best in class Location Tracking devices/Tags with 50+ meters indoor detection, small form factor and years lasting batteries in addition to varity of wireless Sensors 

Temperature Monitoring

PowerTags Provides Temperature Beacons with temperature and motion sensors, small form factor and 5 years battery lifespan

using BLE or Narrow-Band Wireless

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