employees panic buttons

Protect Your Staff

Best in class hospitality safety platform keeps your employees safe.

"Indoor GPS" personal tracking duress button solution, accurate tracking of employees location in a facility
Simple installation , Reliable & Affordable solution that meet regulation
No hidden fees! No monthly payments! 
Our facility location tracking safety system alert platform lets you locate an employee anywhere in your facility within seconds of a distress button. 
Real Time view of Employee or Asset location in Building Floor Map
Real Time view of Employee or Asset location in a table with historical Location records
Diversity of Notification options:
- SMS 
- Audible alarm on PC or mobile device
- Email
- Automated Phone call
- Siren alarm

Personal tracker with duress button - KeyFob/Pendant

Personal Location device based on wireless NarrowBand/Active RFID technology 

- Years lasting batteries

- Optional continues  location tracking

- IP65 water resistant

- Detected from about 80 meters / 260 feet away from nearest repeater or gateway


Repeater Locator

Battery powered Locator that provides accurate room level detection of the trackers devices.

- 100% wireless device

- Battery powered with 2xAA for 3-5 years

- Detects personal trackers location and transfers the data to the nearest gateway

- detection configuration is done via the central control software

- Very simple installation, plug and play

Gateway Locator  

Gateway Reader Interconnects between repeaters and trackers to the Control Software

  • Typical installation requires 1 or 2 gateways per floor

  • Paired with PowerTags Repeater locators

  • Advanced setting via management system

  • Can detect personal tracking devices and relays duress button notifications

  • It requires RJ45 CAT5/LAN cable/ POE with adaptor  

*Contact us for cellular network connectivity option


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