PowerTags Software

The PowerTags Command & Control (C&C) software web interface is used for managing and controlling the data and sensors and elements, controllers and readers. Whether you manage ten sensors or ten thousand elements the PowerTags software managing, installation and obtaining a birds-eye view of remote monitoring systems easy and intuitive.

Furthermore, the system contains an autonomous rule engine that makes sure user's profile is automatically executed 24/7

Main Dashboard

- Adjustable dashboard

- Sensors/Tags  per sector

- Readers/Elements status

- Sensor raw data

PowerTags Robust Location Technology

Based on a fusion of technics that includes: directional antenna's and received signal strengths measurements(RSSI) and complex software based algorithms the collected signals are then processed and analyzed in a web based position engine to provide an accurate reliable location, whereas other location system are based on signal strength measurements only. The innovative fusion of technics gives PowerTags' Real Time Location System (RTLS) reliable room level accuracy, even when drywalls are used and floor separation.

The position engine – Calculates tags Location based on accurate location tracking algorithms that provides reliable room and floor separation

Furthermore, the PowerTags technology includes years lasting coin cell battery powered tags and an easy configuration of the hardware by the software, battery operated sensors and a flexible topology which gives the ability to instantly get the system up and running.

Real Time Location Views



















- World-map - Active RFID/UHF/GNSS Real Time Location Tracking that pinpoint devices Location

- Active/Passive RFID Real Time Location Tracking that pinpoint devices on a multi facilities/floors floormap file loaded to our server with Real-time data collected from the elements, element status and sensors data
















- Powerful configurable reports & Statistics generation tools

- Filtered by site/user permission and user profiles


- Configure devices – activate external device via relay or command

- Real time status of device – activity/ battery status





Autonomous Rule engine - automates decision making by establishing a set of rules that use the system's inputs from sensors and/or the location tracking and automates activities such as alarms, door open/lock, SMS 

- Configure user profile per sensor or element status or data  

- Sensor Rule definition – IF THIS THEN THAT

- Rules based Geo Fencing

- Alarms triggering – SMS, EMAIL, Push, Call, Audio, activate controller

- Automatically activate external device via relay/Dry contact

Multi Tenants and User Permissions

  • Multi Tenants system – The ability to control which elements are accessible to Normal or Viewer users.

  • Useful for Multi-facility enterprise or several group with restricted authorization

  • Three user level permissions

    • Administrator – View, Edit and Create users

    • Normal – View and Edit properties

    • Viewer – View privileges only