PowerTags Real Time Location Tracking 

Industries smallest Long range personal tracking device in Bracelet or pendent provide the means for personal positioning and tracking in addition to the multifunctional button. Furthermore the tags can be attached to assets using the bracket

PowerTags RFID Tags

Active RFID tags (tracking devices) with unique compact hardware design has long range and accurate detection and 2-7 years' battery life (depend on application).

The different available tag form factor are: wearable bracelet, personal pendant and Assets tag all are available with programmable duress-button, embedded motion sensor, and optional bracket to attach to Assets



Asset Tracking

Personal Tracking

PowerTags multi-function design for Location tags bracelet \asset \pendant tag


The PowerTags multi-function positioning Tag is a wearable active RFID Tag that provides real-time supervision and tracking of healthcare patients, children's safety or for assisted living care residence in addition to asset tracking


The tags are configured by the customer's needs, for long or short use.
The Tag has configurable buttons which enables the real-time notification, e.g. patient nurse call or emergency call for staff/ employees and a marking mechanism for asset 

Whereas the embedded motion sensor provides detailed information of the utilization of equipment and provides the infrastructure for machine learning applications

Product specifications:
  • IP 66 water resistance
  • General purpose programmable button

  • Excellent Indoor range up to 80m 
  • Dimensions 35 x 56 x 10 mm
  • Weight 11 grams
  • Very sensative Motion-Detector

  • All tags report vibrations for various industrial applications

  • Industrial Temperature range -30°C to 70°C
  •  Transmission Central Frequency  
        868 MHz Europe (CE)
        915.5 MHz USA/Canada (FCC/IC)
  • Transmission output power 1 Milliwatt (0 dBm)
  • Battery type CR2032 (230 mAh)
  • Best in class battery life span with approximately 2  yeas for personal use and up to 7 years on Assets

*(depends on update interval)

  • Standby Current – 0.04uA

  • Average currents in Active tracking mode – 0.032mA

The Tags have configurable buttons which enables the real-time notification of warnings with the tag's location to a variety of media's that includes computer stations, mobile devices via audible alarm, email or SMS.

Key Fob

Wide Range of PowerTags RFID Readers

PowerTags RFID Readers interconnect between users Tags and Management System. Readers collect the Tag-IDs, measure the range and transfer the information via wire network connection(RJ45) or WiFi to the management system. Using multiple Readers topology, providing Simple installation and reliable accuracy of with accurate Rooms and Floor separation

The gateways can act as a standalone reader or can be bind to a group of Readers and together or each separately can read data from the surrounding tags and transfer it to the Management System

Three different Readers types:

  • PowerTags Gateway Reader with RJ45 LAN connection

  • PowerTags Gateway Reader with network WiFi connection

  • PowerTags Repeater Reader with star topology

Gateway Reader with RJ45 LAN 


Gateway Reader Interconnect between Tags and Management System. It can also bridge and transfer other Readers information for simple and cost effective installation.

Gateway Reader requires RJ45 LAN cabling 


  • Paired with PowerTags Repeaters for range extension

  • Advanced setting via management system

  • Configurable TAG detection range (Proximity): 3 to 80m

  • External dry contact for Audible/ Visual alarm

Repeater Reader in star topology


Repeater Reader is similar component as the GW Reader. To simplify the installation and reduce initial costs, the Reader Gateway collect the Tags information and transfer them using RFID signals to the nearest Gateway 

The Repeaters enable an easier installation by only providing a power source.

  • RFID Range extender

  • Simplified Installation – no need for Ethernet connection to reduce installation costs·  

  • No configurations required      

Gateway WiFi/3G


Gateway with 3G can be used when no access to web. the gateway also has LAN, WiFi, 868/915Mhz and cellular communication than provides network connectivity  for sensors and Location Tags to the software System. optional backup battery and embedded Linux are also available. The gateway has a browser based UI configuration panel