PowerTags NarrowBand wireless Network

PowerTags NarrowBand IOT wireless nodes and gateways provide a unique compact hardware design with very long range (few KM), 2-7 years' battery life (depend on application) and Custom made integrated sensors capability that uses standards such as ADC, SPI, UART, open drain to connect to any low power sensor.

The PowerTags wireless gateway uses the narrow band 433Mhz technology real-time and offline supervision, monitoring of environment conditions including the On-Prem embedded Linux and internal backup battery.

The Gateway collect's data from different sensors using the wireless network and transfer's the sensors data to the defined server.

The sensors data is then monitored using PowerTags software and enables real-time notification of warnings with the sensor's status to a variety of media's that includes computer stations, mobile devices via audible alarm, email or SMS.

The data is also analyzed using our rule engine to provide real time notification of abnormalities and long term trends analytics statistics and reports. 

The PowerTags sensors portofolio includes: temperature, humidity, CO2, particles, proximity, PIR, gas, dry contact, magnet, range, Human detection, electric meters, soil currents and more


 Sensors Long Range Topology